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Make your boat shine! Preserve your boat’s good looks and protect your valuable recreational asset from the unforgiving marine environment. Benefits…..longer lasting, higher trade-in value, algae affects speed & performance, mold deteriorates carpet, vinyl and wood!

Let us worry about the clean-up, so all you have to worry about is how much fun your having on the water!

Cleaning Services
Black Streaks $20
Have black lines running down your panels?

Vinyl Conditions Seats $15
Condition your seats often throughout the summer to protect them from fading, staining, drying out and eventually cracking. Vinyl is like your skin, leave it in the sun and it dries out. Hydrate it!!

Detail Seats $60-120
Have black spots or mildew setting in? We 1st scrub it with mildew remover to remove all the stains, then finish it off with vinyl condition after to protect them. Price range varies because of all the different levels of dirtiness and how many seats you have!

Playpen Covers
Clean & Protect $30
Just a normal clean, wipe it down and vinyl condition to protect it!

Mildew clean $75
Is your cover filty? We will powerwash it, dry it, scrub it to remove any leftover stains and of course vinyl condition it and put it back on your boat!

Entire Carpet $60-100
Mold, dark stains, sandy or muddy? First we have to take everything out of the boat, apply a cleaner, powerwash and sun dry. Then wipe down the boat, vacuum and put everything back in. Price varies on how much stuff you have in you boat, how long the boat is and how dark and dirty the carpet is.

Edges & Back $25
Do you just have mold on the outsides of the railings, by the doors and back by the motor? We can fix that without having to do your entire boat!

Algae build up on your tubes or hull?
We lift up the boat/pontoon, powerwash apply an acid, scrub and rinse off.
During Fall…….Not Storage boats
Regular pontoons……$150
Triple Toons $150
Other time of year when we are not doing it on a weekly basis $200
If you would like to take care and clean it yourself, GREAT! We will definitely help you get the supplies you need and any tips and tricks that we know to get it done.


524 Underwood Ave.
P.O. Box 540
Montello, WI  53949