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Reggie Rainey
Bill Collector

1-800-BILL-4DOG ext. G-R-R-R

Reggie started in the spring of 2008.

Coming from one rainy afternoon, Reggie came to us hungry and cold. From rags to riches this little dog will make anyones day. He loves little kids and their suckers, other dogs can't wait to play and steal his chew toys. The counter and Russ's desk are his favorite spots to lay, and he loves sneaking out to eat seaweed. Watch out though this little dog has an appetite for over due bills!

at Johnson’s Boats & Motors:

Welp, we'f got a new'f fast Golf Cart, howef'er I didn't quite like it right away, I have a F'obia of real f'ast things without sides. If' you new Ruf'fss you'd understand! After a couple weekf's I started liking it, wind in my hair the relaxation of the cool breeze, getting out of the noise of the telef'one. Welp... needless to say I didn't quite hold on too tight when Ruf'fss was turning the corner.........and tumble.. tumble.. summer sault after summer sault I went right of'fs in the gravel! OUCH.... after I went home and poutf'ded and licked my wounds for the night I came back to work and jumf'ed right back on. Nof'in is stof'ing me from mmmmmf'.... that breease and ear f'lappin! Not even Ruf'fss, HA...Like I could be mad at himf'! So don't give him too much crap for me'f!

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August 24, 2017

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