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Which Dock is right for you?
What Kind of Lake Bottom do you have?

Sandy? Some Silt? Mucky? Extremely Deep?
There is something for you!

Rolling Dock – Hewitt
Lake Bottom:
Sandy or very little top silt (muck) with a hard lake bottom
Shoreline: Gradual landscape to the water
Pros: Rolling Docks are easy to roll in and out, only takes a few minutes every spring and fall.
Cons: Only works for a gradual shallow water front

Sectional Dock – Hewitt
Lake Bottom:
Sandy or Mucky
Shoreline: Any – flat, hill, rocky can be customized to suit your water front
Pros: Least expensive, light weight, customizable
Cons: Legs only go up to 10’ so if you are deeper than that a sectional dock won’t work for you. Taking in and out takes longer than the rolling dock because of the sections.

Floating – EZ Dock & Hewitt
Lake Bottom:
For use on any bottom – Best use for people with extremely mucky conditions or deep water situations.
Shoreline: Best with Deep or Mucky
Pros: Customizable, EZ Docks you can leave in year around, extremely sturdy, no maintenance, you don’t have to enter the water to put them in
Cons: Needs to float, so hard sandy gradual shorelines won’t work. The most expensive of the docks, however if you take into consideration the time spent putting in and out or the cost of paying someone to do it your opinion just may change about these great docks.

If you have more questions please stop in anytime or call we will be able to help you and get the right dock for your water front!

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August 24, 2017

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